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How you get rid of static - a major challenge for Destin hair...

Control Flyaway Ends
Use pomade sparingly to remove static, control flyaway ends, and add a glossy sheen to either straight or curly hair.

Apply a very small amount to one hand, and liquify it between your palms. Then run your hands through the hair. If braiding, apply before braiding and use it for small touch-ups.

This is a "trick of the trade" you might learn in many a Destin hair salon. - Just Another Hair Tip From Salon Salon in Destin, FL

  • ☆ Don’t brush your hair immediately after coming in from the cold. The static effect will be particularly strong right after entering a warm room and we know this happens often in Destin, FL.
  • ☆ When you try on clothing in a store and your hair suddenly stands up and looks wild (heavens knows not a good look for Destin Commons shopping) rub a little skin lotion between your hands and then move your hands over your hair ever so lightly
  • ☆ Especially for this purpose ionizing blow-dryers and brushes neutralize the positive electrical charge, which is responsible for your hair’s attempts at flying away. This is essential for making Destin hair look as beautiful and healthy as possible.
  • ☆ Graduated haircuts leave the hair more prone to the fly-away effect than longer, evenly cut hair, which is heavier and therefore cannot lift off with quite the same ease

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