Soften and Heal Dry Hands – Your Hands Reveal Your Age – Beauty Tip

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Destin Hair Salon - Salon Salon - Daily Beauty Tip: Don't forget - even if your face and hair look "young" - your hands often reveal your real age.

You probably didn’t know this. But your hands show the first signs of aging; much before your face or other parts of the body. This is because your hands have thinner skin and the number of oil glands is much lesser than other parts of your body.

Your hands are also as exposed to the harmful effects of the sun as your face. They also suffer damage due to harmful cleaners. When you use creams and lotions, they will only cover up the problem for some time. But they will not remove the dead cells. These dead cells are the real cause of dry and wrinkled skin on your hands.

Moisturize often and when possible, get a professional manicure from a reputable salon (like us at Salon Salon in Destin!). Most people (even men) frequently overlook their hands in their "beauty upkeep".

You likely spend a lot of effort (and money) maintaining your youthful appearance. Don't let your hands give your age away!

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