5 Hot Holiday Hair Ideas from Salon Salon in Destin (part 1 of 2)

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Hot Holiday Hair Ideas - Holiday Hair Tips

Holiday hair is festive and happy - a time to really experiment with hairstyles and glam it up.

These holiday hair tips are courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. But if you have a special holiday hairstyle in mind, be sure to come see us. We are sure we can create the perfect holiday hairstyle of your dreams!

[Information from Cosmopolitan Magazine Website]
hot holiday hair - bouncy curls - from Salon Salon in DestinBlake Lively's Glossy Waves
Post blowout, curl your hair with a large-barrel iron, then run a brush through the spirals. Finish with a mist of shine spray on your ends.


Molly Sims's Showy Side Braids
Part your hair and create a thin French braid using the front pieces on either side, stopping at the tips of your ears. Tame frizz in the front with hairspray.

Carmen Electra Holiday Hair
Carmen Electra's Half Up and Hot 'Do
Run mousse through damp strands; scrunch. Hit random pieces with a curling iron & pull top section back at ear level. Smooth down flyaways with hairspray.

Mila Kunis's Undone Updo
Create beachy curls by wrapping hair in a figure 8 around your iron while holding it vertically. Do a low, loose bun and push out some pieces in the front.

Hayden Pantierre Hair - Holiday Hair tip
Hayden Panettiere's Textured Bun
Blow-dry hair with a diffuser to bring out your natural waves or create spirals with a curling iron. Use your fingers to rake your hair back into a mid-level bun.

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