Semi-Permanent Makeup and Lip and Brow Waxing Services in Destin at Salon Salon

Salon Salon waxing semi-permanent makeup

Where to find the best waxing services in Destin?

Salon Salon in Destin offers semi-permanent makeup and brow and lip waxing services.

Lip Waxing and Brow Waxing Services can be booked individually or can be performed during any hair services or nail services appointment at our Destin Salon. Part of a polished, professional, appearance - one of beauty and style - is having a clean lip-line and well-groomed lashes and brows.

Semi-permanent makeup - including Crybaby semi-permanent mascara - is also available as a stand alone treatment or as a separate appointment.

When you need semi-permanent makeup, or the best waxing services in Destin, book your appointment with Salon Salon in Destin today!

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