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smoothing a braid hair tips

Smoothing a Braid to Control Hair – Hair and Beauty Tip

Similar to yesterday's tip... Use gel after a braid is finished to smooth down loose or uncontrolled hairs. Apply it to your fingertip or to the end of a hairpin, directing it on top of the stray hairs to encourage them back into the braided pattern.- Just another hair tip from your favorite Destin hair salon, Salon Salon
never brush wet hair hair tips from salon in destin

Never Brush Your Hair Wet… – Hair Tip

Today's Beauty Tip from Your favorite Destin salon: Never brush your hair wet. Think "soft and gentle" when handling wet hair. If you pull, tug, and rip, that will be reflected in your finished style (or lack thereof;). Brushing your hair while it is wet creates too much tension and can cause breakage. Hair is very soft when it is wet.
get rid of dandruff and eliminate flaky scalp

Flaky Scalp – Dandruff Solutions – Hair Tips

Flaky Scalp Issues? If you suffer from a flaky scalp, try the following treatment every 2 weeks: Section your hair and rub the scalp with a cotton pad saturated with plain rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol dry, then brush your hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water but don't shampoo.
hair mistakes to avoid

Common Hair Mistakes to Avoid – Hair Tips

People pay lots of attention to their hair. In fact, many people spend more time and money on their hair than their wardrobe. However, a lot of people do not realize that they are wasting loads of finances and energy by not avoiding these simple hair mistakes.
hair extensions and hair feathers

Hair Feathers and Colored Extensions – Hair Tip

Updos are one elegant option for Holiday parties but have you thought of feathers? Feathers in the hair - that either glue, crimp, or clip in - are the rage for this year's Christmas (Holiday) and New Year's parties and events. Not just for the younger girls, an elegant single feature can be a hip and modern way to dress up your hair and take advantage of this amazing "accessory"
less is more in hair and makeup

Less Is More In Beauty? (YES!) – Hair and Beauty Tip

In beauty, often less is more. Less makeup. Less jewelry. Less hair products.  One of the worst things for your hair is overdoing it on product.  Yes, some product is usually necessary for today's hottest hairstyles. However, using too much or too many is actually counterproductive. 
prevent dehydration drink water beauty tip

Drink Plenty of Water – Beauty Tip

Beauty tip - Drink plenty of water. Water is the best, but any fluids that don’t contain a lot of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or salt will work. Outdoor play or exercise, especially in the summer, increases your risk of dehydration.
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