Less Is More In Beauty? (YES!) – Hair and Beauty Tip

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Salon Salon in Destin Beauty Tip of the Day: In beauty, often less is more. Less makeup. Less jewelry. Less hair products.  One of the worst things for your hair is overdoing it on product.  Yes, some product is usually necessary for today's hottest hairstyles. However, using too much or too many is actually counterproductive.  Some will dry out your hair.  Some will make it too oily.  Some will interact badly and you will have an oily scalp and fried ends. For long hair, usually you only need a detangler right when you get out of the shower (before you comb), maybe a spritz of volumizer on your roots where your part goes, and then a thermal spray if you flat iron - or a curl separator for naturally curly hair to keep the "poof" away.  Then, as little hairspray as possible. Keep your ends trimmed, follow these rules and you are almost always guaranteed a good hair day!

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