Chi Enviro Hair Straightening Hair Straightening System That’s Good for Hair

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Here at Salon Salon in Destin, we understand that you need to kook good for us to look good. It's that simple. And as we talked about in our last article, we know that shiny, healthy, hair is a top priority - and concern - for many women.

Yet, many women these days are also really into the current trend of long, straight, hair that promises to once again be one of the hottest hairstyles for fall.

But what if achieving this look for you almost takes a small miracle? Or at least a really hot flatiron, lots of argan oil, and a good, stiff, hairspray?

Or maybe it's downright a nearly impossible look for you to achieve? What if your hair is just too naturally curly or wavy to pull off this look without your hair feeling - and maybe even looking - like straw. Or as one of our clients is fond of saying: "Like a puppy dog chewed on the ends in your sleep."

If you fall into that category, you have probably explored many of the semi-permanent hair straightening treatments and systems that are so hot right now. You know, the "Brazilian Blowout" or the "Brazilian Straightening System". And we don't want to knock anyone or anything but if there are things you have been reading about these processes in the media that scare you (yes, formaldehyde is what they use to preserve dead bodies), then we now have another - just as (really, MORE) effective - alternative for you!

We at Salon Salon in Destin are now proud to offer the Chi Enviro Hair Straightening System. Chi - maker of one of the most popular flat irons that has ever hit the market - already has a name for being an integral part of that straight, yet shiny and silky, hairstyle and look that many want and so desperately seek. Now, they are taking that one step further by providing a system that might have you putting your Chi flat iron down for a while - or that will at least have you reducing the time you spend really "ironing" your hair. And THAT is a good thing. A really good thing.

Destin, Florida is known for its humidity, among many other (good) things. But humidity = not so good for keeping hair straight and frizz free. So, what is the answer for maintaining straight, frizz-free, hair in this humidity without sacrificing the look you love? With the Chi Enviro</em> system, this is no longer a concern and neither are the health-scares and concerns associated with formaldehyde-based treatments.

Take a minute and check out the Chi Enviro Hair Straightening System on the Chi Site and then call us at Salon Salon in Destin to book your appointment for this amazing service ASAP. With the holidays coming up (and straight hairstyles are really "in" for holiday events and gatherings), you can't afford to wait.

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