Destin Hair Salon Shares Spring Hair Ideas

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Don't you just love Spring? Spring Hair is the Best!

At Salon Salon in Destin, Spring is one of our favorite times of the year.

Here in Destin, Florida, Spring brings a feeling of renewal and...back to normal...for those of us craving our Florida sunshine and weather that is warmer but still mixed with cool nighttime breezes. Even better, often with Spring, many people decide that a change is in order for their "look" as well. Often, that begins with their hair.

To welcome Spring, we suggest you forget about the Spring Cleaning for a while and head over to our Destin beauty salon to try out your own new Spring look!

And since there is nothing we like more at this Destin Hair Salon than helping someone to have the best haircut - or the best hairstyle - they have ever had, this Salon Salon in Destin is here to help you achieve that dream look you've always desired!

While you're thinking on it... Here are 5 simple ideas for fresh Spring haircuts. Obviously, the exact look might not be the best hairstyle for you, but you can use these hairstyles to get your mind going and then ask your favorite Salon Salon in Destin hairstylist to create a version that is just right for your hair texture and color, along with face shape and maintenance style. Remember: change is good!

*The following Spring Hairstyle and Spring Haircut Ideas from "The Frisky"

destin hair salon bangsTry Bangs Why: Bangs are an easy way to change up your whole look, and there are so many different styles that it's a surprisingly versatile option. You can go for a thick fringe like Zooey Deschanel, long sideswept bangs like Nicole Richie, or the light, piecey bangs Reese Witherspoon debuted recently. Works best on ... straight to wavy hair. Try it if ... you don't mind a bit of extra maintenance.

destin hair salon angled bob walk ins welcomeTry An Angled Bob Why: Slightly longer in front, this style feels thoroughly modern, and it's also super light with tons of movement--perfect for sunny days and driving with the windows down. Another bonus? The angle of the cut visually slims the face. Works best on ... round, square, and oval face shapes; any hair texture. Try it if ... you're looking for a more modern hairstyle that's easy to maintain.

destin hair salon curly hair walk ins welcomeTry to Enhance Your Natural Texture Why: It's so liberating to put down the straightening iron, curling iron, expensive products and let your hair do what it wants to do. Works best on ... all textures, lengths, and face shapes. How To Do It: Start with a great haircut. Ask your stylist what haircuts will best showcase your hair's natural texture. Try it if ... you spend more than half an hour every day fighting with your hair every day.

destin hair salon short hair walk ins welcomeTry to Take a Few Inches Off Why: If you've had longer hair for awhile, Spring is the perfect time to chop it off. There's no better feeling than shedding a couple inches (or more) of heavy hair--it's kept you warm for the winter, now's the time to let it go. Pixie cuts look amazing on some people but a chin-length crop (a la Kiera Knightley) can be just as dramatic--and more flattering! Works best on ... straight, wavy, or curly hair of thin to medium thickness. Try it if ... you're ready for a major change.

destin hair salon hair trim walk ins welcomeTry Just Getting A Trim Why: When I asked my hairstylist friend for spring hair ideas, her advice was simple: "Don't underestimate the power of a trim." It will make your hair shinier, healthier, and ready for showing off. Try it if ... you like your current style but want to refresh your look.

The bottom line is that no matter what Spring look you want to try, this Destin Beauty Salon - this Destin Hair Salon - is here to help you make it happen! Call us today to book your haircut or hairstyle with your favorite Salon Salon in Destin hairstylist!

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