Shiny, Sexy, Smooth, Hair = Happy Healthy Attractive You

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At Salon Salon in Destin, we know that smooth, shiny, hair is sexy and attractive. 

You do too.  Both males and females alike are physically drawn not only to bodies that look strong and healthy, but also to hair that reflects those same qualities. The subconscious analogy is one of vibrance and vitality.  In other words, if your hair looks healthy and fit, you are too...

On the other hand, if your hair looks dry, coarse, overprocessed, and frizzy, you are often perceived as less attractive, less refined, and even... sorry to say it... less desirable. And not only to potential partners but experts say you are often viewed as less competent and lacking in professionalism in many cases as well.

Okay... okay...

Enough of the bad news. Let's get to the good stuff...

The good news is that - whereas once you just had to learn to deal with the hair you were born with the best you could - now, you can have the hair you truly want. There are so many new developments available in top salons today (like us here at Salon Salon in Destin), no woman - or man - should be destined to have a single "bad hair day" ever again.

Yes, this holds true even for us here in Destin, FL along the beautiful Florida Emerald Coast with our hot, hot, summers with sky-high humidity and our windy winters that even the old 80's Aquanet couldn't stand up to...

At Salon Salon in Destin (FL), we can take whatever your hair type and make it better. We have the answers to bad hair days.  We are the answer to bad hair days

If you have unruly curls, we can make them springy, bouncy, and beautiful. We can even "turn them into" flowing toussled waves that always look like you just left our beautiful Destin beaches yet with enough polish to carry you right into the office or boardroom as well.

If you have stick-straight, fine, hair that seems nearly glued to your head most of the time, we can add just the right touch of body so that you can pretty much kiss your teasing comb goodbye for good.

And if you are in between - with hair that is not quite curly, not quite straight (often stuck somewhere in the middle with waves that won't behave at the crown and ends that look like a puppy chewed on them) - well... fixing THAT is one of our greatest talents (and greatest gifts to you).

At Salon Salon in Destin, we have the exact treatments - and skilled professionals to complement those treatments with the perfect haircut and hairstyle to maximize them- so that you can finally have the precise look you really want and desire.  Not just the one you have "settled for" in the past because you thought there was only one style or look for your particular hair type.

In fact, we are now about to debut a new treatment that can dramatically transform your hair into something you have likely never experienced.  The name of that treatment is Chi Enviro (yes, from the makers of the best-selling Chi flat iron) and you will be amazed.

But just mentioning it here doesn't do it justice so our entire next article will be dedicated to this amazing Chi Enviro straightening system.

For now, suffice it to say, with Chi Enviro, you can forget about formaldehyde you might find in other salon straightening techniques. YES! A straightening system and solution that not only works and makes your hair look and feel shiny, healthy, smooth, and sexy but is also safe for the environment - and you.

Stay tuned and we'll give you the details about the Chi Enviro straightening process we now offer at Salon Salon in Destin in the upcoming week. Until then, keep that flat iron on the lowest effective temp for your hair, use a protective thermal spray prior to use, and get those ends trimmed often!

Talk to you soon!

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